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 A Management System for Purpose-Driven Leaders

Give your leaders the tools and skills they need to be more effective.

Stop the firefighting. Get better communication.


Are your workgroups united around the organization's top priorities?


Do you have a proven strategy to equip the leaders at every level of your organization?


What if you could unlock the potential of your entire workforce?


What kind of results would be possible if all your leaders executed at a high level?


You can unlock your leaders' potential. We can help.


We simplify the leader's challenge by organizing best practices into a step-by-step methodology.


Ten leader development workshops teach and support these best practices.

Discover 7 Things Your Employees Are Saying Drive Engagement and Performance


Smartly designed software puts the best practices to work. Plan, track, measure, meet, alert, and check-in.


Ongoing, on-site coaching guides, encourages, and holds you and your team accountable.

The Proof

7 Years and Increasing!

The ultimate proof of any service is whether clients continue to pay for it. Our average client tenure is 7 years and increasing.

15 Years of Field Research

With over 15 years of field work, we have learned how to give leaders, at all levels of the organization, better tools for engaging the hearts and minds of their workgroups. Clients say performance is better and work is more meaningful.

No Long-Term Contracts

Implementation is in measured steps designed to build buy-in to change. Engagement is not built with contracts but with understanding what is being done and why. Any client can end their relationship with 30 days notice.

What One Equity Fund Manager Says

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‘Employee engagement and accountability increased with Six Disciplines’

“I come out of a large public company. I’ve done a lot of strategic planning work. What’s different for me is the continual accountability in the Six Disciplines process. I now have a regimen and discipline.  Every week, I meet with my senior leadership team, and we literally going through the battlefield objectives and the key initiatives that we agreed to as a part of our vision 20/20.”

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This company ‘doubled sales and triple earnings’

“75% of the companies we invest in are on the Six Disciplines program. It’s not for everyone. The requirement of a CEO to really commit to Six Disciplines is what makes it work. If the CEO doesn’t believe in it or isn’t willing to commit the time, effort and energy that it requires, then it won’t work. But for those that do, the pay-off is there. A recent one of our investments that’s following the Six Disciplines program more than doubled their revenue and tripled EBITA in four years.”

Dick, Equity Fund Mananger