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Friday, April 13, 2012

Baldrige Tools Do Provide A Roadmap – But What If You Really Want To Get There – Faster?

While the Baldrige quality framework has been proven many times to be the leading performance excellence model, a recent article “Baldrige Tools: Providing a Roadmap, Not a Prescription” reveals a number of scenarios that should raise a certain level of concern and risk.

“The Baldrige feedback report is useful – to a degree, but the feedback report will not prescribe specific fixes for identified areas in need of improvement.” Why? The classroom training and written guidelines that the Baldrige Program gives the sector experts (examiners) who produce these feedback reports prohibit prescriptiveness. So, that part is left up to YOU to figure out.

One of the four key characteristics of the Baldrige Criteria are that they are non-prescriptive and adaptable.

While the Baldrige Criteria and feedback reports won’t prescribe specific remedies, these tools will help your organization see where to focus improvement efforts-and promote understanding of the areas you need to address with systematic processes and strong results-in order to succeed on your journey to performance excellence.

BOTTOMLINE: Are you really interested in winning the Baldrige award, or are you more interested in the benefits that result from addressing the Baldrige criteria in your organization? Have all the resources internally to get there? Want to get there – faster? Contact Six Disciplines and ask us about our Performance Management Program.

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