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Friday, July 21, 2017

Before You Begin Your Performance Improvement Journey – Start With A Best Practices Assessment

So, your organization has “taken the plunge” on starting a performance improvement journey. Perhaps you’re leaning toward using best practices from Baldrige, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, or a number of other approaches.

The most obvious (and hardest) question: “How do we start?”

Simply put, you should start with the facts:  understand where your organization is today, and how you compare to others BEFORE you make any other commitments or implementation decision.  

A best practices assessment is a low-risk step that can be completed quickly. It will quickly reveal where there are different views and perspectives of what is happening in your organization. By observing people’s reaction to the results of the assessment you can gain insight into various perspectives that affect next steps . 

The Six Disciplines Best Practice Assessment helps your organization identify opportunities for improvement that drive two fundamental areas of success:

    1. Organizational Performance
    2. Employee Engagement

This assessment tool is fact-based, and was validated by a professional research firm in a multi-phase study involving 800 participants across industries, organization sizes and people at all levels of responsibility, function and education.

Find out how your organization compares to the performance of others.

The Best Practices Assessment includes 65 best practices that strongly correlate with overall organizational performance and employee engagement. The 65 items are broken into six fundamental organizational disciplines. Your organization’s performance in each of these disciplines is placed on a rating scale to show whether you are in the top 10%, top 25%, middle 50% or in the lower 25% of performance.

Research shows that employee engagement drives performance, and performance drives employee engagement. The assessment identifies the opportunities your organization has to improve BOTH.

We encourage any organization that is starting their performance improvement journey to begin with a fact-based baseline to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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