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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Here’s Why Meeting Management Is Key To Effective Performance Management

“Another meeting? Seriously?”

Ineffective meetings are huge demotivators and time wasters. Conducting effective meetings sounds simple, yet the majority of organizations just don’t “get it”. Effective meetings are intrinsically tied to individual and team performance management, and when done properly, they have the following qualities:

    • A clear meeting purpose and agenda
    • Carry-forward open items for closure
    • Ability to review plan progress in real-time
    • Can track individual and team assignments and progress
    • Access meeting history – no meetings are left behind!

The Six Disciplines Meeting Manager app (one of the Six Disciplines performance management apps) is deeply-rooted in a culture of communication, collaboration, and teamwork – a culture created through regular, meaningful, productive team member meetings to review and revise organizational plans. These kind of meetings are not for the purpose of producing more plans, but for increasing understanding and agile response to changing conditions.

Watch this short video about the mobile Meeting Manager app, and see how it has been successfully been used by our customers to improve their organizational performance management:

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