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Friday, June 16, 2017

How A Best Practices Assessment Identifies Opportunities for Continuous Performance Improvement

Leaders of every organization, regardless of industry, seek to find ways to continuously improve performance.  For some, it’s part of their culture; for others, it’s a constant struggle.

The biggest question remains: where do you start? That’s where a best practices assessment comes in.

The Six Disciplines Best Practices Assessment helps your organization identify opportunities for improvement that drive organizational performance and employee engagement. This assessment was validated by a professional research firm in a multi-phase study, involving 800 participants across industries, organization sizes, and people at all levels of responsibility, function and education.

The Best Practices Assessment includes 65 best practices that strongly correlate with overall organizational performance and employee engagement. 

The 65 items are broken into six basic organizational disciplines. Your organization’s performance in each of these disciplines is placed on a rating scale to show whether you are in the top 10%, top 25%, middle 50% or in the lower 25% of performance.

We encourage your organization to start your performance improvement journey the RIGHT way: with a fact-based baseline best practices assessment, to help identify opportunities, guide priorities, and measure progress.

What do I get?

Included in the Best Practices Assessment are:

    • Color-coded ratings of 65 best practices
    • Department by department comparisons
    • Identification of areas of misalignment by role
    • Expert coaching
    • Insightful employee comments
    • Team-building prioritization exercises
    • Clear agenda for strategic planning

Start your performance improvement journey today with a fact-based, research-validated best practices assessment.

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