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Thursday, May 10, 2018

How Purpose-Driven Leaders Learn To Drive Winning Organizations

Everyone has a built-in desire to “win” in life. To unlock potential requires helping individuals connect their unique abilities to meaningful work. Research shows that for many millennials the larger purpose of the organization they work in is as important as compensation.

When an individual understands a strong purpose, and they feel very good about what their organization stands for, and they feel they have true meaning in what their role is, they’ll emotionally invest and engage.

Purpose-driven organizations are built around purpose-driven leaders. Unlocking the potential in an organization can only be done by the people in it. This kind of transformation happens one team at a time and starts when the team leader develops the desire and decides to change.

Watch this short video to understand how Six Disciplines offers a management system for purpose-driven leaders.

The Six Disciplines Management System makes a purpose-driven leader’s job easier.  It does this by providing:

    • Six proven processes Align strategy, operations and individuals around shared-purpose
    • On-the-job leader development training. Introduces and reinforces 30 leadership competencies
    • Ongoing, onsite coaching. Guides and provides lasting results
    • Mobile software. Manages plans, dashboards, continuous communication and collaboration
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