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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Introducing the Six Disciplines Stakeholder Analytics Program

We would like to announce the release of our new Stakeholder Analytics Program which allows clients to gather information from stakeholders inside or outside the organization using web-based surveying. Although surveying is a readily available service from other providers the Six Disciplines offering provides advanced functionality by integrating trended results tracking into the strategic and operating goals of the organization. It is now an integral part of the Six Disciplines strategy execution program. Surveys can be collected on a periodic “batch” basis or in a continuous event-based model.

Senior Coach Jim Bendt observed, “This capability makes stakeholder feedback available real-time and accelerates organizational learning. For example, this tool is extremely effective to conduct post-project analysis where internal stakeholders evaluate the effectiveness of projects in terms of overall results and how well the project was managed.”

CEO Gary Harpst states, “The Stakeholder Analytics Program is another important component in support of our mission to “build organizations that execute their strategy”.


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