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Friday, October 20, 2017

Strategic Planning for The New Year? STOP! You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

Before you begin this year’s version of the “same old, same old” strategic planning sessions for the new year – STOP!

Before you schedule your expensive “boondoggle” off-site location for your strategic planning sessions – STOP!

Before you do anything related to strategic planning for 2018 – STOP!

Turns out, you’ve been doing it all wrong!

First, you need to understand what strategic planning really is (and what it isn’t) and how it’s significantly different from operational planning – and rarely can you do both at the same time, and get meaningful results.

Let’s boil it down to its essence.  Simply put, strategic planning is all about how your organization is going to be different. Operational planning is all about how your organization is going to be better.  While it sounds easy enough, it’s the alignment and execution of these two uniquely different aspects of planning that makes or breaks an organization.

Watch our short video:  “Plans Are Nothing, Planning Is Everything

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