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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Quality Most Valued In Leaders? Strategy Execution

In the Best Companies for Leaders survey, management consultancy Hay Group identified the top 20 best-in-class companies as well as what makes these companies known for great leadership.

Key findings of the Hay Group’s research:

  • When asked what organizations value the most in leaders, 83 percent of the best-in-class organizations as compared to others said “execution.”
  • Organizations value leaders who can achieve results through others.
  • In tough economic times, employees desire more communication and clarity around goals. They want their leaders to become more visible and to be leading from the front.
  • During tough economic times, best-in-class companies create clarity, encourage development, drive accountability and recognize successful leaders.
  • The top 20 best companies for leaders make leadership development a priority.

BOTTOMLINE: What’s valued most in leaders? The ability to execute on strategy – and get the job done. Six Disciplines includes an integrated on-the-job leadership development program – Find out more.

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