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Thursday, July 21, 2016

VIDEO: What Is An Excellence Program?

In this short video, Six Disciplines CEO Gary Harpst offers his definition “What is an excellence program?

Also included below is the transcription of the video for your convenience.

“What is an excellence program? Years ago I read this phrase: working ON the business instead of working IN it.

Well, an excellence program is an organized way to work ON your particular organization whether it’s a profit or nonprofit type of business. Most excellence programs have a series of things they suggest that you should think about to build a great organization.

One is – is the strategy clear?

The second is – how do you focus on the team members in your organization, how do you focus on your customers?

How do you improve operational excellence, the cost effectiveness and the efficiency of the organization?

How do you build leadership at every single level?

In the end, organizations are constrained by their ability to lead. These are the general kinds of topics that an excellence program addresses. There are a lot of different “brands” of excellence programs.

The real question is do they work?

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