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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Why Being Purpose-Driven Is The #1 Influencer Driving Organizational Performance

From the new landmark research study just released from Six Disciplines, and detailed in this 30-page research paper, “7 Key Findings About What Employees Say Drives Performance and Engagement“, survey results find that the #1 influencer driving organizational performance is a workforce that is purpose-driven.

For this study, we commissioned a professional research organization (Elite Research, Dallas Texas) to verify:
1. Which of these best practices correlated with employee engagement and which correlated with perceived performance.
2. That the groupings were internally consistent and could be used to simplify the communication of results (7 categories instead of 65).
3. Develop a survey instrument to aid organizations in identifying best practice gaps. The instrument was to be validated against the Role Based Performance (RBP) and the Baldrige Excellence Program assessment.

The study involved more than 600 respondents, in 3 industries, with employment sizes ranging from 100 to
2,500 employees, four leadership roles, different educational levels, and different functional responsibilities.

Finding #1 – Employee Perspectives on Performance: The Top Performance Factor is Being ‘Purpose-Driven’

Out of 65 management practices, employees rated getting people to ‘understand and commit to strategy’ as the top factor.
This was very closely followed by four other factors that directly or indirectly relate to understanding where the organization is going.

Stay tuned to the Six Disciplines blog, as we detail each of the 7 Key Findings of the research. Coming next:   #2: The Highest Engagement Factor is the ‘Organization Cares About Me’  

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