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A system to continuously improve.

Define Opportunities for Improvement • Triage OFI's
Measure OFI gaps • Analyze • Improve • Control

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Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.

-Henry Ford

Want to improve by statistical analysis rather than by guesswork?

  • Looking to achieve hard and soft money earnings?
  • Need to improve customer satisfaction?
  • Have improvement ideas but need a proven process to implement them?
  • Want a great way to increase employee engagement?

    Your team can find better solutions. We can guide them in the process.    

Discipline V guides your team through a series of best practices to gather, prioritize, and implement employee driven improvement suggestions. Here are all the questions your team will answer:

  1. Capture Opportunities for Improvement (OFI’s)  |   How are OFI’s encouraged and captured?
  2. OFI Triage   |  How do we decide which OFI’s to implement?
  3. Define Opportunity Thoroughly   |   What is the problem/opportunity?
  4. OFI Gap Measures   |  What is the fact-based gap between current and desired performance?
  5. Analyze Root Issues   |  What are the root causes of the problem?
  6. Improve the Process   |  How will the system be implemented?
  7. Control the Results   |   How will the gains be sustained?

Continuous improvement programs are powerful engagement tools, but, without help, are tough for CEO’s to implement.

Learn more about what your employees are saying drive engagement and performance.

Collaboration Software
making DV: Continuous Improvement work

Tools you need to analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems.

  • Capture ideas
  • Build plans to execute improvements
  • Monitor with dashboards

Continuous Leader Development
training on DV: Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement workshop equips your team with a 5-step process modeled after Six Sigma.

  • Train on the DMAIC process
  • Set up, capture, and triage OFI’s in the workshop
  • Build a plan to control the results

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DV: Continuous Improvement

Our experienced coaches provide the training and ongoing support for your internal Continuous Improvement team.

  • Assist in the selection of personnel for the team
  • Prepare and execute the workshop to ensure that everyone has the required skills
  • First point of contact in case anyone in the team has any doubt related to the process