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What Are the Basic Steps in Project Planning?

by Tyler Macke posted at 2/9/20 9:53 AM

Smaller, poorly planned projects are likely nickeling and diming you. The cost is not just in dollars, poor project planning leads to unnecessary frustration and resentment for your teams. What can you do? Start by training your team to plan every project with this simple three-step process.

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The Best 3 Steps to Kick Off a Project the Right Way

by Tyler Macke posted at 19/8/20 10:12 AM

If you start with an unclear set of expectations you are going to experience something called scope creep, where the project just keeps getting bigger and bigger and no-one is quite sure what “DONE” means for the project. To prevent scope creep, follow these three steps in the Initiate phase.

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Poor Project Management is Actually Your Silent Killer

by Tyler Macke posted at 4/8/20 4:09 AM

Despite popular perceptions, project management is not just for large enterprises or huge undertakings. Projects are every organization’s change agents. Without them nothing improves; you simply maintain the status quo. And this is why projects can be so difficult, your teams are often building something they have never built before. A project is any temporary endeavor you undertake to create a unique product, service, or result.

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5 Expensive People Problems Your Managers Are Avoiding

by Tyler Macke posted at 27/7/20 5:00 AM

It is rarely the technical stuff that sinks the new manager. It is the people stuff. They know how to make a widget but they do not know how to lead and manage people to make the widget. So, to help you help your mangers, here are five expensive people problems we consistently seeing managers avoiding.

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