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A plan to 'run' and 'change' your organization at the same time.

Engage everyone with the strategy • Get alignment
Build operating plans • Break work down to individuals

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Vision without systems thinking ends up painting lovely pictures of the future with no deep understanding of the forces that must be mastered to move from here to there.

-Peter Senge

Do your teams struggle with alignment?

  • Do your managers know how to build operating plans?
  • Is miscommunication costing you on key projects?
  • Can you effectively track your teams’ goals and projects?
  • Do your departments function in ‘silos,’ unable to unite around the strategy?

    You have built a great team. We can help get everyone aligned.    

Discipline III guides your team through a series of best practices to get everyone aligned so you can both 'run' and 'change' your business. Here are all the questions you will answer:

  1. Plan Engagement   |   How do we engage everyone around shared purpose for this planning cycle?
  2. Operating Plans   |   What is our group’s responsibilities and how will we meet them?
  3. Project Planning   |   How do we drive change to close the gaps?
  4. Individual Plans   |   What are my responsibilities?

Senior leaders depend less on a ‘system’ to understand direction. But your people want a more disciplined approach.

Learn more about what your employees are saying drive engagement and performance.

Collaboration Software
making DIII: Operational Alignment work

Connect every department, workgroup, and individual with smart, integrated plans.

  • View how every team’s goals contribute to company goals: monthly, quarterly, annually, and beyond
  • Full transparency across the entire organization
  • Manage operating plans with data driven dashboards

Continuous Leader Development
training on DIII: Operational Alignment

Build a one-page annual operating plan for every workgroup right in the half-day workshop.

  • Engage and focus every team with the strategic vision
  • Plan key projects for every team
  • Provide every individual with an individual plan that clearly connects to the strategic vision

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DIII: Operational Alignment

Six Disciplines provides more than executive coaching. Our coaching model supports every workgroup, every leader, helping everyone stay engaged and aligned.

  • Facilitate quarterly team check-in
  • Ongoing support
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Plan build-out
  • Software training and set-up
  • Train and support Six Disciplines Internal Coaches

As a sample, watch the opening video of our Operational Alignment Workshop.