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Performance Management Software for the Agile Organization

As a champion for better employee engagement, you need every tool available to connect people to purpose. Six Disciplines suite of performance management software apps make your job easier.  Here’s how:

  • Our software encourages the application of best-practices for managers to coach and develop your teams, using more frequent feedback, and regular check-ins.
  • Our apps work together seamlessly to streamline goal-setting, plan building, meeting management, action-tracking and progress monitoring.
  • Our software supports the competencies taught in the Leadership Development Program, providing year-round leadership development at all levels in your organization.
  • Our apps integrate with the Strategy Execution Program and the Performance Management Program,  linking directly to your strategic plan. 

Equip Your Leaders to Be Better Coaches and Mentors

Implement a clear, six-step process that makes clear how managers can be more effective in building stronger teams. The underlying principles are based on frequent and open communication as a group and one-on-one.  

Streamline Basic Processes, from Building Plans, to Running Meetings,  Tracking Goals, And Measuring Results

Our complete suite of apps work on any mobile device. And the software works in sync, so you only enter information once, regardless whether it’s a plan, a meeting, or a to-do list.

See What Needs to Change, Respond Faster, Perform Better

Making organizational performance improvement both transparent and accessible is proven to improve employee engagement, accelerate learning, and spot problems earlier.  

Our dashboards give you easy access to the real-time performance management information you need to be both agile and action-oriented

Use Clarity to Engage and Focus People On What’s Most Important

Finally, you can be clear about goals, plans, and responsibilities, and your employees will understand their roles better, and they’re much more likely to fully engage with strategic priorities. 

Solve the Meeting Dilemma FOREVER with our Smart Mobile Meeting App:

  • Have a clear meeting purpose and agenda
  • Carry-forward open items for closure
  • Review plan progress in real-time
  • Track individual assignments
  • Access meeting history – no meeting left behind!

Get People on the Right Page – FASTER!

Have you ever experienced meetings or brainstorming sessions that seem to go on forever,  yet nothing gets accomplished?

The Six Disciplines RightPage app helps teams to get on the right page quickly and easily. It’s simple, powerful, and it’s FREE!

Watch the video, and get your RightPage app today!

Access Plans, Projects, and To-Do’s Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Unlike normal ‘to-do’ apps, our mobile Action Manager connects you with every plan, meeting, and responsibility you have in your organization.

Finally, you can be on top of the most important priorities wherever and whenever you need access to them.

Frequent Check-ins Rule! Now You Can Use Annual Check-ins And Performance Reviews to Build for the Future

Don’t DREAD the annual review – replace it with something better!

Frequent check-ins provide your teams with continuous feedback, so annual check-ins can focus on the future, instead of trying to remember and rehash the past.

You can finally have meaningful conversations about each person’s development, and how their skills and capabilities can grow and be aligned within your organization’s priorities.