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A strategy to effectively manage change.

Build a change road-map • Create a stop list
Charter strategic projects • Communicate the strategy

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The essence of strategy is deciding what NOT to do.

-Michael Porter

Do you successfully allocate resources for change?

  • Is your plate too full with no time for new change projects?
  • Do you know what needs to change but unsure of how to make it happen?
  • Are your teams’ daily actions aligned with your strategic change projects?
  • Do you want to eliminate the waste of focusing on unimportant work?

    You can make the right changes. We have a strategy to help.    

Discipline II guides your team through a series of best practices that build a strategic change road-map to reach your vision targets. Here are all the questions you will answer:

  1. Business Modeling  |  What size are the gaps between trend and vision?
  2. Change Pace  |  How fast should change be made?
  3. Charter Strategic Projects  |   How do we setup change initiatives to close the gaps?
  4. Stop List   |  What will we stop doing to increase resources for strategic change?
  5. Strategy Packaging   |   How do you package strategy information for effective transference?

What’s the #1 performance driver? 
Setting a vision and aligning resources to change.

Learn more about what your employees are saying drive engagement and performance.

Collaboration Software
making DI: Strategic Change Management work

Turn your strategic thinking into a concrete strategic plan by breaking the work down in the Six Disciplines Software. 

  • Set targets and forecasts
  • Growth modeling
  • Visible scorecard
  • Plan strategic projects

Continuous Leader Development
training on DII: Strategic Change Management

Our Strategic Change Management Workshop coaches your executive team in building their change road-map.

  • Change strategy exercises
  • See how business modeling affects your plans
  • Build a Strategy Communication Package

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DII: Strategic Change Management

Your Six Disciplines coach will guide you, step-by-step to effectively manage the changes you want to make.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Ensures strategic plan is completed in the software
  • Helps charter strategic projects

As a sample, watch the opening video of our Strategic Change Management Workshop.