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A process to clarify your strategy for everyone in your organization.

Set mission & values • Narrow your vision focus
Analyze the market & competition • Agree on key metrics

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I like the impossible. There the competition is smaller.

-Walt Disney

Do you struggle with strategy?

  • Have you been through a strategic planning process with little real change?
  • Are your mission, values, and vision played out in the daily actions of your teams?
  • Do your front-line leaders understand your unique strategy?
  • Are you growing and want better communication of your vision?

    You have a strategy. Let's get it to your people.   

Discipline I guides your team through a series of best practices to develop, commit to, and communicate your strategic vision. Here are all the questions you will answer:

  1. Mission   |  What is our enduring purpose?
  2. Values   |  What is our character?
  3. Market Analysis   |  What does our market require?
  4. Competitive Analysis  |  How well is the market served?
  5. Vision Focus  |  What will we be best at?
  6. Strategic Themes   |   What will we invest in to deliver our difference?
  7. Scorecard: Growth Strategy   |   How will the organization grow?
  8. Scorecard: Customer Focus   |   How do we maintain a healthy focus on our customers?
  9. Scorecard: Operational Effectiveness   |  What must we be good at to operate effectively?
  10. Scorecard: People Focus   |   How do we focus on our employees?

Getting Strategy Right and Executing on that Strategy are the Toughest Areas for CEOs to Implement

Learn more about what your employees are saying drive engagement and performance.

Collaboration Software
making DI: Strategic Vision work

Get your strategy’s goals and projects into Six Disciplines’ software so your entire organization can align their work to it.

  • Collaboration exercises
  • Dashboards
  • Visible, one-page plan

Continuous Leader Development
training on DI: Strategic Vision

Our Strategic Vision Workshop brings a powerful strategy planning process to your top leaders.

  • Strategic question exercises
  • Gain agreement on Mission, Values, and Vision
  • Build a Strategy Scorecard
  • Great opportunity to develop junior leaders’ strategic thinking

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DI: Strategic Vision

Our experienced coaches do more than get you off to a great start with the strategic planning process. They stick with you, consistently joining you onsite to encourage, support, and hold you accountable as you execute your plan.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Software setup
  • Project management

As a sample, watch the opening video of our Strategic Vision Workshop.