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New Call-to-action If you're the CEO or other senior leader, you have a unique responsibility to identify when something needs to change in your organization. The pain can be related to growing pains, profit pressure, slow growth, organizational issues, or generational or cultural issues. If you don't act - who will?

Read on to see how Six Disciplines empowers you to lead change with the confidence and support of your entire team.

Start By Answering the Right Questions

The Six Disciplines Methodology is question based. Each Discipline includes a set of more detailed supporting questions. By using the repeatable Methodology, our coaches lead your team to answer the right questions, in the right order. The sequence of the answers matters a great deal, since the responses and outcomes build upon each other. These questions are not always easy to answer, but they are essential for laying the right foundation. The outcome of answering these questions is a laser-like focus on key issues that need to be addressed.

Craft a Clear Plan That Identifies ‘Must Do’ Priorities 

As your coach guides the process, strategic questions get answered and recorded in the software, and your strategic plan begins to take shape. This provides the clear vision needed to engage others in the organization when executing the plan.


Identify and Eliminate Execution Barriers

As you figure out where you want to go, the next step is to identify what’s in the way of getting there. Your coach leads your strategy team in identifying change initiatives to close the gaps between desired and actual results. These time-phased initiatives serve as a roadmap that guides the rest of your organization in aligning priorities.

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Equip Your Team to Overcome the ‘Tyranny of the Urgent’

We’ve all experience the feeling: at the end of the day, we find we’ve not done things we expected to do. To improve execution, a proven approach is to bring more focus to what’s important through regular plan reviews, supported by the use of software dashboards and alerts. This helps your leaders say ‘no’ and win the daily battle.

Achieve More Balance and Sustain Results


Your organization succeeds by knowing where it wants to go (strategy) and knowing how to get there (execution). Easy to say, hard to do. The thorny, perpetual challenge is balancing those two areas of focus in a sustainable way. Our Strategy Execution Program helps in four ways:  

  1. Gets everyone on the page about where you want to go
  2. Lays out a clear roadmap for getting there
  3. Uses an on-going process to engage the whole organization in executing plans
  4. Systematically reviews and revises plans to provide agility




For Some, The Greatest Accomplishment of All Is to Build An Organization That Will Thrive Without You. An Organization That Has:

  • A clear vision for the future
  • Teams that know how to execute that strategy
  • A healthy organization that will continue on as leadership changes


Make Access to Information and Continuous Engagement Easier

The Six Disciplines suite of software apps are designed to support employee engagement, including managing plans with dashboard metrics, meeting reviews, actions (to-do’s), quarterly and annual check-ins, collaboration exercises and surveys for gathering feedback.




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