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A process to align and motivate every team.

Increase team engagement • Check-in more often
Better communication • Focus on the important vs. urgent

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“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

-Peter Drucker

Are your teams engaged and high-performing?

  • Do your leaders struggle to keep their direct reports engaged?
  • Are your people busy but not as effective as you know they can be?
  • Is ‘communication’ a problem at all levels of the organization?
  • Do your front-line leaders know how to ‘coach’ rather than ‘command’?

    You can unlock the potential of your entire workforce. We can help.    

Discipline IV guides your teams through a series of best practices to focus them on the most important work. Here are all the questions they will answer:

  1. Quarterly Team Check-In   |   What do we need to get done in the next quarter to achieve our annual targets?
  2. Self-Check-In   |   What do I need to get done next week to reach the quarter targets?
  3. Weekly Team Check-In   |   What adjustments do we need to make to stay on track?
  4. Daily Check-In   |   What are the most important things to complete today?
  5. Monthly Team Check-In   |   How do we broaden our understanding of what’s happening?
  6. Quarterly 1:1 Check-In   |   How can we help people win?

Leadership wake-up call: those who report to you are likely not as engaged as you.

Learn more about what your employees are saying drive engagement and performance.

Collaboration Software
making DIV: Teamwork Driven Execution work

Focus team members on the right goals. Visible, transparent progress keeps everyone motivated and accountable.

  • Track progress and check-in
  • See exactly how individual efforts make a difference
  • Get alerts and notifications
  • Create clear meeting agenda and next action steps
  • Manage all your individual action items

Continuous Leader Development
training on DIV: Teamwork Driven Execution

The Teamwork Driven Execution Workshop trains every team on the management rhythms that will keep them aligned, agile, and motivated.

  • Daily Check-In
  • Weekly Self Check-In
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Team Check-Ins
  • Quarterly One-On-One Check-Ins

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DIV: Teamwork Driven Execution

Coaching is at the heart of what we do. Our coaching model not only provide ongoing support for every team, but we also train every team leader to ‘coach’ rather than ‘command.’

  • Facilitate quarterly team check-in
  • Ongoing support
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Software training and set-up
  • Train and support Six Disciplines Internal Coaches

As a sample, watch the opening video of our Teamwork Driven Execution Workshop: