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Workgroup Alignment Kit

A process for leading teams, wherever they are.

A systematic way to align and engage your team in any circumstance.

Tools to collaborate on your top projects, wherever they are.

A standard ‘rhythm’ for defining and working your plan

What’s Included

  • Coach led training of your team (2 hours)
  • ‘One page’ 90 day Plan for the group and for individuals
  • Effective meeting process that facilitates communication, accountability and agility
  • Dashboard that shows Green, Red, and Yellow progress
  • Messaging and alerts for phones to keep people up to date outside of meetings in real-time
  • Software to make it easier to achieve items above in a transparent way
  • Dedicated coaching to provide guidance and assure success

How does it work

  • A coach is assigned to your team and works remotely using remote meeting technology
  • Within one week of when you say ‘go’ we have your team trained, plans built and using the software and running your first meeting
  • Coach attends your first four weekly check-in meetings (remotely) to assure your team is
  • communicating effectively and using tools to their maximum value
  • Quarterly a coach leads a plan update session to review past progress and identify top priorities for the next quarter


What does it cost?

$50 per person per month (5 person minimum) plus a one-time setup fee of $2500


Can I upgrade to the Six Disciplines complete management system anytime?

What is the difference between this program and the Six Disciplines Management system?

The Management system is more comprehensive and holistic. It includes strategic planning, organization development bench-marking and leadership training, continuous improvement, Dashboard and ongoing operational metrics, customization, quarterly and annual one-on-one check-ins


How much time will we this take per week?

Our clients report that because accountability and reporting is much clearer, meetings are shorter and less meetings are needed. Bottom line is this will save you time as well as deliver better execution.
What happens if we don’t like it?

You can cancel anytime. There are no long-term contacts

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